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Sign the Thank You Card to Electronic Arts and Bioware for including same gender relationship options in their video games. Namely: Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age II, Mass Effect II, Mass Effect III, and the planned inclusion in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Because Bioware will include same gender love interests in Star Wars: The Old Republic, they have been inundated with anti-gay e-mails claiming that this optional content is forced upon players.

Electronic Arts Defends Itself Against Thousands of Anti-Gay Letters

Do you believe that people should have the option to play their games the way they want to? Do you believe everyone should be able to find themselves represented in the stories they love? Sign your name on the Thank You card! Even if you have never played the games, there is something for everyone to contribute!

Further, are you an artist of any kind? You can personalize your contribution. We are collecting original artwork (all mediums, cosplay, crafts) featuring the same gender couples from the games mentioned above for a gallery we will link to Bioware on October 15th, 2012.

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The Play YOUR Way Project supports your decisions to engage in romance with characters of the same gender, the opposite gender, or not at all. The point is that Electronic Arts and Bioware have given us that option, and they are one of the only ones who have. We wish to thank them, wholeheartedly, for doing this.

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    1. I gather your e-mail address simply to confirm that you exist in some capacity. I will not spam your inbox. You will recieve only one e-mail when the gallery and the puzzle go live on October 15th. You will not be recieving updates via e-mail. If you want to be kept up to date on anything going on with this project, join us on Facebook or Twitter! I am staunchly anti-spam when it comes to your e-mail address. Once the project is completed, you will not recieve another e-mail from me.

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The Play YOUR Way project is in no way affiliated with or employed by Bioware or Electronic Arts inc.